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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates for service?

A: We frequently work with new and existing customers on an as per needed basis. This type of service is non contractual and generally includes a trip charge and hourly rate. Customers that are signed up with a service or maintenance agreement are billed periodically, and service calls, repairs or replacement component costs are waived. Requests for specific rates should be faxed to us on your company letterhead.

How much do you charge for installations?

A: Installations are generally billed at a fixed hourly rate. However, some projects can be estimated by the amount of time required for completion. Other types of projects may be considered turnkey, which is a firm bid based on the scope of work. Projects that require extended man-hours are billed on a time and materials basis.

What regions do you cover?

A: Michigan and several surrounding states.

Why hire Secure Comm Technologies, Inc.?

A: We proudly offer expert assistance, specializing in simple solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

Do we charge for site surveys?

A: No, site surveys are a way to assess the job correctly.

Does Secure Comm Technologies have partnerships
with name brand manufacturers and equipment suppliers?

A: Yes, Our suppliers are data, communication, and CCTV original equipment manufacturers for consumer class, and robust business class system components.